Gurdwara Youth Meeting

Below are the minutes of the Youth Team Meeting which took place on Sunday 13th February 2011 – courtesy of Harpreet Singh Rana

Meeting arranged by Sukhpreet Rana

Actions and Comments:

1) Website Development:

  • AP – Aman Sandhu to put together all contents discussed at meeting
  • AP – Harbir/Kieran to add contents to website
  • Street View and current picture of Gurdawara to be added to site
  • Blog to be added to website and linked into Facebook
  • Aiming for website completion Sunday 20th Feb

2) Virgin Charity Site:

  • Benvir Padda has set up our account – AP – Sukh/Harbir to get details to present at next team meeting on exactly what the site offers and how people can donate through the website.

3) Maintenance:

  • Leaking Ceiling – AP – H.S.Sandhu advises that the cost is £250 and he will chase the builder to complete by the end of the month (Feb)
  • Carpet – AP – Manj/Indy/Sukh to make a trip to Himalaya Carpet in Southall and get quotes on replacing current floor in Langar area.
  • AP – Sukh/Indy/Manj to also look into the prices of just added lino floor around the sink area near the Langar serving table/kitchen
  • General Cleaning – (Future Plan) Set up team to clean the Gurdawara on a 6week rota, each team having an area of focus
  • Jaspal Sandhu – If we can/need to re-build parts of this Gurdawara he will speak to friends who own carpet/windows/kitchen stores and see whether we can get cheaper prices to refurbish the current Gurdawara

4) Fund-Raising:

  • We need to understand how the other Gurdawara’s in the UK have raised money to fund their buildings, what did they do that we can also look into?
  • Interest Free Loans/Mortgage/Standing Orders
  • Appeals to the Sangat/Group Activities/Other methods of Fund-Raising need to be reviewed and discussed in more detail and then put into action – Every Pound Helps
  • Receiving Sponsorships/Donations from Sikh businesses in the UK
  • Bhangra Industry Playing Kirtan – AP – Sukh/Jass to look into the benefits of this and where/when we can arrange with a rough estimate of financial benefit to the Gurdawara/encouraging more people (ideally younger) to attend the Gurdawara more often
  • Car Wash – AP – Jazz Saraw to find out from the council what would involve setting this up for one weekend at the Gurdawara, if this is not possible we will look into “car washing at home” for members of the Sangat
  • Live Kirtan – How can we get Sikh TV involved in what we are trying to achieve and perhaps have them ask for donations through-out the day towards Crawley Gurdawara – AP – Sunny Saraw to investigate how we go about contact Sikh Net and getting them involved
  • Sikh Net (website) – AP – Sunny Sarew to look into the what Sikh Net could offer, and what we could do with space on the website

5) General Comments:

  • Tables – Do we want to make an statement to the public that we’re looking to remove the tables, perhaps trial for one weekend (with the exception of certain tables for adults only)
  • Fifa/Wii competitions – AP – Gurjiv to find out the cost of hiring the hall near Mill Road
  • Current Design – AP H.S Sandhu to advise the main committee not to drill any more holes into the walls/change pictures/amend current layout
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